Double Sided Tissue Tape

Double-Sided Tape or Two Sided Tape is Adhesive on both sides and it is advisable to join the two materials together with an invisible bond. Such Tapes fall under the category of pressure-sensitive components.

This Double Coated Tissue Tape is made from non-woven Tissue Paper coated on both sides with hot melt rubber adhesive and acrylic adhesive and laminated with release paper. This product is also made with an array of Adhesives to get different adhesion levels.

It offers more stability than Adhesive Transfer Tapes. Double Sided Tape is suitable for mounting light objects and is also used to laminate Paper, Textiles, Plastic, and Cork.

Double Sided Tissue Tape Uses

Thick Double Sided Tape is used when you need a complete invisible bond, whether that is for display components or bonding parallel surfaces together. Double Sided Tapes are recommended for flat surfaces but some can be used for textured, rough surfaces if needed.

Some suitable materials like Cardboard, Metals, Paper, and Sealed Wood.

Advantages Of Double Sided Tissue Tape

  • Stick to the Wall quickly
  • Economical
  • Don't need drying time
  • Waterproof Double Sided Tape
  • Clean, Fast, and Single to apply
  • Helps ensure Vapor-Tight and Air Barriers

Types Of Double Sided Tape

1. Double Sided Medical Tape

Used in Healthcare, Electronics, and Medical Sectors where Devices need Adherence to the Skin.

2. Double Sided Fabric Tape

It is used to repair a Hem in your Skirt, Shirt, or Pant.

3. Double Sided Tape for Walls/Posters

It securely mounts posters and lightweight objects to Glass, Vinyl Wallpaper, Walls, Tile, Doors, etc.

4. Double Sided Tape for Automotive

It is used to attach a variety of automotive Interior & Exterior like Rock Panel Trim, Cladding, etc.

5. Double Sided Tape for Wood Floors

It is safe for Wood Floors and leaves no excess when eliminated.

  • This Transparent Double Sided Tape is used for Printing Finishing, Nameplate, Plastic, Paper, Sign Making, Interior Decoration, Cardboard, Fabric, and so forth.
  • It is also used in White Goods, Labels, Stationery, and lots more Applications.

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