Floor Marking Tape

Floor Marking Tape is an adhesive tape used to divide spaces, provide directions, create aisles, and mark hazards. It is generally made from enduring materials like vinyl, PVC, and others. The common use of Floor Marking Tape is in manufacturing and industrial areas for floor marking.

This Heavy Duty Floor Marking Tape helps workers put equipment and materials back in the right place. Creating distinctions between equipment, to-be-repaired goods, finished goods, and raw goods ensures mistakes are reduced and safety and productivity are both at the highest levels.

Why Floor Marking Tape Is Useful?

Installing Floor Marking Tape is easy and can be completed without closing an area or even a facility. The Tape doesn’t have any smoke that could trouble those working in the area during application.

For long lines, it can be installed using rolling installation equipment, for shorter outlines simply lay it onto the surface and apply pressure. Marking Tape is available in different sizes, shapes, and colors. This kind of Tape can withstand any type of weather. Properly installed Tape can last for a long time.


  • Give access to equipment, exits, and first aid in the case of an emergency
  • Indicates dangers, thereby reducing accidents
  • Easy to find around a large area
  • An eco Marking Tape
  • A visual message which is impacted by language blockades


  • This is Fine Line Automotive Marking Tape used for lane Marking for storage segmentation and safety identification.
  • Used to mark hurdles like manhole, cable or wire lines, and other safety areas in exposition
  • Floor Marking is also a Decorators Tape used to beautify homes
Floor Marking Tape Types And Their Uses

Red Floor Marking Tape – Scrap or defective materials from the production process

White Floor Marking Tape – Machinery, equipment, tools, etc, that belong to a particular place

Orange Floor Marking Tape – Materials or products waiting for inspection

Green Floor Marking Tape – Finished products

Yellow Floor Marking Tape – Traffic routes for vehicles/pedestrians and individual work areas

Black Floor Marking Tape – Production in progress

Blue Floor Marking Tape – Equipment yet to be processed

White/Red Tape – Flammable surfaces or objects, fire safety materials, no smoking areas

White/Green Tape – Safety equipment, routes to safety, first aid points, emergency exit doors

Black/Yellow Tape – Obstructions, physical hazards, width/height restrictions, and radioactive materials

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