Masking Tape

Whether repainting the interior of your home or protecting surfaces during construction activities, Masking Tape is used in all industries. Masking Tape or painter’s tape is a kind of pressure-sensitive tape created from easy-to-tear and thin paper. It is also made with saturated crepe paper and coated with a natural rubber-based adhesive.

The adhesive is the main part of its usefulness because it permits the tape to be easily eliminated without leaving residue or hurting the floor to which it is applied. It has the power to resist up to 80 °C temperature.

This strong masking tape is highly resistant to oils and water solvent due to its exceptional pressure-sensitive features.


  • These masking tapes are used in automotive & business machinery, paint shop refrigeration, and other places for common purpose application.
  • Masking tapes are recommended for a wide range of light & packing bundling operations.
  • They are used to temporarily join name plate, inspection stickers, and work orders during manufacturing operations.
  • For painting, bumper, design, and other alike applications.

Masking Tape Advantages

  • Masking tape for painting walls can protect the surface from drips and runs, making it ideal for your baseboard.
  • Painters or masking tape can be applied in a straight line to easily create a predicate line while painting.
  • This masking tape also acts as a protective material. If you’re painting kitchen wardrobes, for example, you want to ensure that you only paint the particular areas. You don’t want sinful paint splashes to get on the trim. Apply painter's tape to cover these portions freely without fear of this occurring.