PVC Insulation Tape

GRIPKING TAPES PVT. LTD. is a leading PVC Insulation Tape manufacturer in Gujarat, offering a wide assortment of PVC Insulation Tape Jumbo roll to customers across India. These high-performance PVC tapes are suitable for multiple electrical applications. Because of this, it is often preferred for outdoor wiring applications where severity is a bonus.

PVC insulation tape also known as PVC electrical tape or insulating tape, is coated with solvent pressure sensitive adhesive with soft PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) film as the backing material. With the mark of voltage resistance and flame retardant, PVC tape is widely used in the electrical industry including automobile circuits, capacitors, splicing, electrical engineering, etc.

Why Is PVC Insulation Tape Useful?

  • This self-adhesive PVC electrical insulation tape is used mainly for safety grounds to insulate and protect a wide variety of cables and wires which conduct electricity.
  • PVC tape is tremendous at dealing with high temperature and environmentally challenging issues like metal corrosion, adverse weather conditions, and abrasion. Also, it is a PVC waterproof sealing tape.
Type of PVC Insulation Tape

  • Blue Insulation Tape
  • Red Insulation Tape
  • White Insulation Tape
  • Black Insulation Tape
  • Yellow Insulation Tape
  • Green Insulation Tape
  • Black Insulation Tape