BOPP Self Adhesive Tape

BOPP stands for Biaxial Oriented Polypropylene Film that is layered with water based Adhesive. Today this BOPP Self Adhesive Tape is used in various industries for inventory and shipping management. Its versatility makes it useful in ample applications and one of them is the packaging.

Why BOPP Adhesive Tape Is Useful?

BOPP Tape consists of a thermoplastic polymer, and it can be used in both cold and hot temperatures. Self Adhesive BOPP Tape has an uneven structure and offers high tensile strength making it ideal for packaging.

The Tape provides a shield from moisture, abrasion, and an array of chemical solvents. This Tape material is easy to print and coat on. Most BOPP films are harmless while some are recyclable and eco-friendly.

The Adhesives used generally are hot melted synthetic rubber because it is reliable, consistent, and seals instantly. It bonds quickly to the surface with added properties like heat, shear, and UV resistance.

Types Of BOPP Adhesive Tape

BOPP Adhesive Tape is available in three types – Coloured, Transparent, and Customized print tape.

Coloured Tape is relevant for managing stock by helping in the recognition of products.

Transparent Tape is generally used for packaging products that require visibility. This Tape can be used to seal packaging boxes that contain special instructions.

Customized Print Tape is used for different factors. This Tape can be used for communicating special care instructions and more efficient inventory management. Also, it is used by e-commerce sectors in building brand awareness or advertising through their packaging.

Advantages Of BOPP Tape

  • Higher Tensile Strength
  • Superior acrylic based Adhesive
  • Multicolor printing and Scratch-Proof printing
  • Long lasting and uniform adhesion
  • Creates a firm bond that can be eliminated without annihilating the film
Uses Of BOPP Adhesive Tape In Industries
  • BOPP Printed Tape is used to keep a track of inventory management
  • Many industries use BOPP for sealing and shipping to heavy-duty carton boxes
  • Used in e-commerce industries for packaging carton boxes

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