VHB Tape

VHB Tape stands for "Very High Bond", a proven alternative to welds, rivets, screws, and other mechanical fasteners. It is a Very High Bond Double Sided Tape which suits different requirements like for automobiles that can resist extreme cold and heat.

It is made from high-performance acrylic adhesives. Double Sided VHB Tape easily forms a bond of excellent strength and has greater elasticity and durability than other usual Double-Sided Foam Tapes.

Why VHB Tapes Are Useful?

The Strongest Double Sided Tape/VHB Tape provides excellent durability and environmental resistance. The product is the best substitution of mechanical fasteners for bonding a wide assortment of materials.

The outstanding performance of VHB Tapes comes from the properties of the acrylic core. And the core has the twin properties of behaving like an elastic solid and viscous liquid. This property is called viscoelasticity.

VHB Tape Uses & Applications

  • No cleanup, no riveting
  • No liquid adhesives to treat, no weld distortion, and no holes to drill
  • VHB Double Sided Tape is invisible and removes screw heads, bolts, rivets, and nuts.
  • Meets an array of holding needs for tough application including metals, composites, glass, and many plastics. Cuts noise and damp vibration.
  • Bonds and seals even in high environments. Resists saltwater and solvents.
  • Outstanding for thin materials. Allocates stress.


  • Foam & Felt Lamination
  • Die Cut Parts
  • Construction
  • Attaching insulation to walls
  • Mounting objects on the wall
  • Overlap house wrap seals
Advantages Of VHB Tape Roll
  • Durability
  • Acrylic is a durable substance with outstanding long-term ageing resistance. VHB Industrial Adhesive Tape is used in demanding applications in various industries like transportation, signage, and construction. Durability depends on working conditions and a specific application.

  • Outdoor Weathering
  • The performance of the Tapes is not affected by harsh environments. The harsh test generally exhibits 100% bond strength retention after 3 to 5 years.

  • Solvent And Moisture Resistance
  • These Tapes act as a seal against moisture and prevent galvanic corrosion. VHB Tapes are not for those applications which include continuous submersion; however, laboratory test has revealed no degradation after 10 years submersion in saltwater.

  • Shelf Life
  • When properly placed in the original cartons in a cool place, the shelf life is 24 months from the date of manufacture.

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