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About us

who we are

Performance, Quality & Reliability

Who We are

Incepted in 2011, GRIPKING TAPES INDIA PVT. LTD. is one of the leading self Adhesive tape Manufacturer Company located in Ahmedabad, which is a top business hub of Gujarat. Being the top industrial tape manufacturer, we adopt high technology and skilled personnel to make our company truly & fully domestic.

We’ve always aimed at becoming a strategic partner to our customers whose role goes beyond supplying products. We offer the best services and facilities for building long-term business relations based on mutual understanding and benefits.

what we offer

Our highest standards of ethics

GRIPKING TAPES has a widespread network of seasoned dealers and distributors for both retail and corporate sales. We have a distributor presence in almost all large Indian cities. We work rigorously by a set of values and ethical standards. We also expect our distributors to adhere to the highest standards of ethics.

We have clear as crystal rules for everything we do, and every member of the GRIPKING TAPES family adheres to them. Additionally, we endeavour to create a healthy and competitive working environment at all levels. If we have more than one dealer or distributor in metropolises, we ensure there are no disputes between them.



To be one of the top adhesive tape manufacturers in India & offer excellent quality of products to the customers that suits their needs in the sector of Adhesive Technology of Adhesive Tapes by relentless Innovations.