GRIPKING TAPES has an extensive network of qualified dealers and distributors for both corporate and retail sales. We have a distributor presence in most large Indian cities. GRIPKING TAPES works strictly by a set of values and ethical standards.

We expect our distributors, too, to abide by the highest standards of ethics.

We have fair and transparent rules for everything we do, and each member of the GRIPKING TAPES family adheres to them. We ensure a healthy and competitive working environment at all levels. If we have more than one dealer or distributor in large meters or cities, we make sure there are no clashes between them.

Our Core Values

  1. Best Quality with Good Price
  2. Good Relationship with Clients.
  3. Continues Innovation.
  4. Fast Material Delivery.

With high technology & skilled workforce, we can produce 10,000 Boxes per month.

Manufacturing Capacity