Double Sided Foam Tape

Double sided Foam Tape is Adhesive Tape on both sides. Such type of Tape creates an invisible bond between the two floors or surfaces. It is used in places of welds, bolts, and screws. This easily removable Double Sided Foam Tape is available in two types with a thin bonding system and a thick bonding system. It is used for texture and unusual surfaces.

This is a White Double Sided Foam Tape made of an adhesive film like polypropylene, polyester, or PVC. It is coated with adhesive by sensitive pressure like rubber and acrylic.

Double Sided Foam Tape Uses

Double Sided Foam Tape has different insulation properties that are easy to use and long-lasting. It is an excellent choice for airtight compression. This is a Heavy Duty Foam Tape used for permanent or temporary packaging, thermal insulation, gap filling, acoustic dampening, and packaging.

Double Sided Sticky Foam Tape is made of closed-cell or open-cell foams, layered with different kinds of PSAs (pressure-sensitive adhesives), and available in a range of thicknesses. Also, this Tape is used as seals to stop the passage of gases, humidity, moisture, and air.


  • This Foam Tape Roll is resistant to UV light, abrasion, moisture, and corrosion.
  • This Tape is used for indoor and outdoor environments.
  • It is a thermally insulating, and anti-vibration Tape


  • Manufacturing Business
  • Building & construction industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Electronics machine
  • Specialty and assembly etc.
  • Substitute Mechanical Fasteners
  • Installers can use die-cut foam tape rather than mechanical fasteners. Applications include attaching stands, nameplates, mirrors, panels, and more.

  • Reduce Risk Of Injury And Training Needs
  • Applying foam tapes doesn't need any instruction or special training. Workers or individuals don’t need personal protective equipment.

  • Supports Thermal Expansion And Contraction
  • As the weather changes, foam tapes flex with contraction and thermal expansion and maintain their bond. It is not like mechanical fasteners which may loosen their grip under the same conditions.

  • Provide A Smooth And Clean Look
  • Foam Tapes when applied on walls or any material doesn't leave residue behind them. It looks clean and smooth, not like mechanical fasteners which have a raised head.

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