Red Polyester Tape

Red Polyester Tape is made up of PET (Polyethylene terephthalate or also known as polyethylene terephthalate) backing and a customized acrylic adhesive with visible Salmon Pink colour PE liner.

This Red Polyester Tape is recommended for use in various applications which need high tensile strength, minimal thickness, and resistance to temperature and ageing. PET Tapes are brilliant for bonding rigid extrusions and suitable for application demanding transparent finish.

This product is particularly used for jointing, protection, masking, and in the domain of electronics. It is excellent resistance to requiring environmental. Such type of Tape provides a rigid bond for demanding external applications.

Why Red Polyester Tape Is Useful?

It is suitable for fastening the reflective foil to the LCD frame, flex to flex joining, and splicing thin plastic films. This high bond Tape leaves no visible bond line when applies, it is perfect for glass floors or surfaces, leaving an apparent finish.

Red Polyester Tape Uses & Applications

  • Red Polyester Tape is used for permanently bonding Plexiglas, rubber, metal, and plastic
  • Used for mounting small to medium lightweight outdoor and indoor signs
  • Polyester Adhesive Tape is used to mount battery packs, touch screens, and lenses in electronic gadgets
  • Used for decorative trims, plastic profiles, and mounting nameplates
  • It is suitable for digital camera rubber sheets, mobile phone display, memory card, and more
  • Used for splice different types of poly films

Advantages Of Red Polyester Tapes

  • Exceptional Adhesion to poly films
  • Used for bonding application where other tapes don't stick properly
  • Offer exceptional heat resistance and electrical insulation
Types Of Polyester Tapes
  • Polyester Masking Tape

It is ideal for anodizing, plating, painting, and powder coating. It leaves no residue behind and resistant to high temperature.

  • Woven Polyester Electrical Tape

It is 100% woven polyester thread without any primer or polish. It improves the consolidation of insulation.

  • Double Sided Polyester Tape

This tape is coated with an acrylic solvent-based adhesive system with a double side release yellow, red liner. It is well-suited for plastic surface and used for bonding plastic and polyethylene sheets.

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