P.T.F.E. Thread Seal Tape

PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) or PVC Teflon Tsape is a highly versatile thread sealant and lubricating material. It is often used in piping and ductwork applications. It is also known as Plumber's Tape, Plumbing Patch Tape, or Thread Seal Tape.

It is a modern replacement material for all conventional pipe threads. It can effectively assuage many of your piping headaches, while significantly dropping piping cost and maintenance.

Why P.T.F.E. Thread Seal Tape Is Useful?

Thread Seal Tape can help minimize leakage around specific types of joints. PTFE features include low friction and hydrophobic and this makes PTFE tape highly useful for various plumbing and pipework applications.

This PTFE Pipe Tape features inherently expansive properties, aiding to fill out small gaps between conduits and threads once they have been covered around the inside of a threaded joint.

P.T.F.E Tape Types

  • Skived PTFE Tape
  • Calendared PTFE Tape
  • PTFE Coated Tape
  • Laminated PTFE Tape


  • This High Density PTFE Tape is available in a wide range of thicknesses, custom densities, and standards to meet your requirements.
  • It cleans the sealing of male pipe threads and curtails the risk of system contamination with paste and liquid sealants.
  • Non-toxic, non-flammable, virtually chemical inert, and non-absorbent.
  • Pipe Thread Tape is self-lubricated and this quality makes joints easy to assemble & disassemble, and increases the fatigue life of sealed connections.
  • Yellow for gas lines
  • Green for oxygen lines
  • Gray for anti-seize
  • Pink for water lines
  • White for general purpose
P.T.F.E Tape Uses
  • Plumbing Repair Tape is generally applied to the exterior of joints to stop further leakage. It is also used for gas pipe sealer applications and in liquid plumbing environments.
  • Due to its chemical limpness, Teflon Tape is resistant to both oil and petrol. That's why it is mostly used in automotive applications to lubricate and seal fuel line joints.
  • It is designed to cope well under extreme pressure and temperature. Therefore, it is broadly suitable for use in environments where it may encounter diesel, petrol, and other fuels.

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